Most local city politics are founded by the traditional Value-Based Decision-Making Framework, which have proven slow, rhetorically biased and inefficient compared with many other modern decision-making frameworks. This is why within the last decade the Evidence-based Decision-making Framework has gained momentum within European city politics. The short reason is this: Why convince someone that the proposal is right, when you can prove it, thus ending an otherwise long discussion. The Evidence-Based Decision-Making Framework has proven fast, flexible, efficient and highly productive for all parties involved.

WHO: International Healthy Cities Congress (Masterclass) 
LOA + Naturstyrelsen: Bevægelse I Alle Planer (Advisory Board)
DIS: Evidence Based Design Studio 2012 & 2013
Vestfold: Strategic Culture Plan Leaders Seminar 
Danish Architects’ Association: Annual Conference 2014 Workshop (Design Methods)

Within recent years the concept of urban prototyping has gained increased interest. The basic framework is this: Why base your decision-making on speculation whether a possible project is beneficial for the city or not, when you can test it first 1:1 in urban space. Urban prototyping has proven a remarkably successful urban planning tool, both when working with strategic urban planning (ex implementing a bicycle strategy) as well as participatory design (ex local neighborhood projects)

KODAK Passageway, Cairo Egypt 
Culture Night at Prinsegata 18, Larvik Norway


Much evidence point to there being a more or less causal correlation between the economic crisis and the climate crisis. Both crises will require future city development to be micro-level considered, context-sensitive and socially inclusive in order to perform resiliently. City upcycling is an urban development strategy where city elements (buildings, spaces, networks etc.) are strategically reused in an upgraded version. Not redeveloped or plain recycled, but rather refitted, readjusted, upgraded and thus upcycled.

Avedøre Stationsby 2050 vision competition
Interview: ‘Flik Flak på Hipsterbroen’, Bjerre E, AA webmagazine 2014 (PDF)