Democratic Design is essentially about the Majority. The basic social mechanism of democratic design is that providing design for the majority does not exclude the minorities. Urban space holds a great civic potential through spatial negotiation, resource sharing, and lifestyle exchange.    

DIS: Urban Design Studio: Design Build Temporary Space in collaboration with Copenhagen Municipality, Urban Renewal Office Fuglekvarteret 
Interview: ‘Verdens Kjedeligste Byrom’, Augustsen R, KOTE, no. 04/2014, p. 15-22 (PDF LINK MISSING)
Vest-Agder: Participatory Process & Design Framework 
Article ‘Det demokratiske rum’, Arkitekten, no. 10, p. 11-14.  (PDF LINK MISSING)

Applying co-creation and user-driven design strategies has proven especially productive in suburban and neighborhood projects. When the critical mass is too low for general solutions, user driven design holds a unique potential for creating participatory contextual design solutions that generate user ownership and involvement. User-driven design processes are typically slow but highly rewarding.

Interview: ‘Slip byrummet frit’, Thorsen L. ,Grønt Miljø, no.3/2014 p. 10-12 (PDF)
Avedøre Stationsby 2050 pilotproject with Outsiders Aps 

With the continuous densification of cities, and the future increasing resource scarceness, the concept of city sharing is a powerful urban sustainability tool. City Sharing promotes spatial sharing of resources both economic, social and cultural. City Sharing is as much about promoting a sustainable type of urban culture as it is about facilitating actual spatial share and exchange mechanisms.

KODAK Passageway, Cairo Egypt
Article: ‘Eine lebenswerte Stadt für Alltagsleben’, Garten + Landshaft, no. 05/2014, p. 8-13 (PDF LINK MISSING)
Cairo Passage Project Radio Interview (Podcast)

Life Quality Urbanism point to that if cities are to support the pursuit of happiness it is essential to think of the city understood as a process rather than a product. Life Quality Urbanism centers round a strategic difference between facilities (build objects and spaces) and facilitating (events, gatherings, social networks), working with a balanced use of both approaches.

Larvik Strategic Cultural Masterplan 
Vestfold: Strategic Culture Plan Leaders Seminar 
Fredrikstad: Cultural Place Making